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Your visually appealing easy to navigate well performance website is almost ready with our team.

Create a website to extend your reach to everyone in the world.

Starting from information gathering, ending by the launching, with focusing on every single detail in between steps that may cause any issue for your business or your customer, we help you create a going concern business in this highly competitive marketplace.

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Your web development journey with our team.

Business Analysis

Information gathering

To go deeper into the business needs

  • First step is to gather all the necessary information about your project
  • Analyze the client’s requirements
  • Define the website purpose, identify the target audience
  • What kind of information they will be looking for on the website?
  • How can we facilitate it for them?
  • So you can defiently reach your business goals by the aid of your website.
Business Analysis


After deeply analyzing the main topic areas of the website, sub-topics, content that will be on the website.

  • Journey on the website has to be as simple as possible for th future customers and for everyone who might use the website: No more unmet delivery deadlines. With high visibility on the status of your project, you will always be able to accurately predict the delivery date of your product.
  • The content and design is directly interconnected with each other
  • The basis of an easy-to-navigate website is an excellent user interface.
Business Analysis


While building the website -by coding all the previous approvals- we use our graceful metholodgy to consent with:

  • Expected time, as we know from the first analysis how much time it may takes, we give you the accurately deadline.
  • Your requirments, as every single step is done based on your requirment in coordenation with our expertise which will uide you to the best result.
  • Communication will defiently remain constant with you as you will need to see the changes applied to the website.
Business Analysis


Even if we have a 100% confidence in the website, it has nothing to do with the testing phase, as it’s one of the most important phases before launching, we test every single page to make sure that:

  • All links are working on their own purpose.
  • Website is displayed correctly in different browsers and in various search engines.
  • After launching – and analyzing the results – we have to apply a different test to make sure that the optimal combination is found and implented for your users.

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Salah Selem Team

SST is a project that provides young people from all over the world with the best possible training experience, using the latest scientific methods and the latest organizational and technical methods. SS team works on simplifying the healthy lifestyle for its customers through health programs that aim for enhancing their performance and productivity to ensure that they become the best possible version of themselves.


Our technical stack

We understand that no matter where you start, you don’t want to set any limitations for the future. This is why our engineers choose only the most flexible and scalable technologies to build your product


we are software house

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